Polish localization & translation for gaming, marketing, & ecommerce.

Creating top-notch localizations that exceed expectations.

LocWizards is highly invested in the process of bringing your product to Polish markets. Whether you require work in gaming, applications, software, esports, marketing, or ecommerce, I am with you to create a product that matches your vision.

My approach is tailored to you and
your project.

When I first meet with you, I assess your needs and create a style guide that matches your company philosophy and product. No two projects are the same and each one requires a unique customized approach. Below is a list of some of my satisfied clients.

LocWizard’s Services

English to Polish Translation

Bring your content to new markets with Polish translation. I am a detail-oriented linguist who strives to create a Polish version of your content without any loss of meaning from the original text.

Transcreation & Localization Services

First impressions are everything! I specialize in making sure your game, app, software, or ecommerce site is customized to match the culture of the Polish user.

User Experience & Linguistic Testing

Beyond creating content that is understood by Polish speakers, I help ensure your product’s interface and experience is one that resonates with your target audience.

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How LocWizards Works With You

At LocWizards, I go above and beyond to ensure every detail is examined.Whether doing a web app translation, Polish website translation, or game localization, my 11-step process has been proven time and time again. Each step is vital in producing an outstanding product and a truly customized experience for your target market.

Read my process below and check out our testimonials to see how my work has impacted clients!

I get to know your brand.

Your brand is your identity and is an important component in connecting with your audience. I’ll help channel your brand in a way that resonates in the Polish language.

I learn the market.

Your product is as unique as your audience. My research extends beyond simple translations and includes research on your product and your top competitors. By understanding the landscape of your market, I can truly create a customized approach for your project.

I set you up for success in search.

I’ll do an in-depth analysis on how users are looking for your product type. My keyword research helps boost visibility through app store optimization (ASO) and search engine optimization (SEO).

I create a style guide.

I’ll use our research to create a customized style guide to match your brand identity. Included is my keyword research as well as vital information about your business for use in the future.

I make a glossary.

LocWizards’ translations are built on quality and customization. To ensure consistency throughout the translation process, I compile a glossary of key terminology

I extract the translatable content.

At this point, we’re ready to start the process of translating your video game, web app, etc into Polish.

I localize your content for Polish markets

This is where the quality translation, brand identity, and market research converge to deliver your product in a way that will resonate with your target audience.

I conduct proofreading by a native speaker.

To reach completion, I double check our translations for accuracy through a native speaker.

I migrate deliverables to your desired format.

Need something specific? I am happy to work in whatever format works best for you.

I deliver.

I know timeliness is equally important as quality. Locwizards strives to deliver excellent products with speed and precision.

I run live testing.

I do localization testing to create a truly seamless experience for your users and make sure the copy fits the context.

Expect better processes for the best results.

I store your translated content in translation memories and term bases so you never have to pay for the same text twice.

When a similar or identical line appears multiple times throughout a translation project, I leverage the content to improve consistency and lower translation costs. This streamlined process helps ensure the highest ROI possible to maximize your profits.


LocWizards values results and promises to go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.
Begin the process of bringing your product to the Polish market today!