Bringing games, software, apps, & more to life through Polish localization & translation.

Game Localization

LocWizards takes your English-based game and contextualizes it for the Polish language and culture. Having completed localization for 800+ games in a wide variety of genres and platforms, gaming is truly my biggest passion. This passion for both the industry and quality makes me trusted by top game developers and localization agencies, such as Ubisoft, Microsoft Game Studios, and Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment.

Whether your product is a fast-paced action and adventure game, a single player card game, mobile or desktop app, I’ve got you covered. No detail is overlooked as I take your game concept and translate it to match your origional vision. From instructions to catchy taglines and titles, I go above and beyond fufill your localization needs.

Set yourself up for success.

According to Nimdzi Research from 2020, 9 out of 10 global users will ignore your title if it’s not in their native language.

Not localizing your content can be a costly mistake when entering
a new market. Luckily, it’s completely avoidable!

Localizing your game for Poland’s 16 million active gamers in a half billion dollar market is a smart way to increase return on your investment.

Polish is in the top 10 languages for game localization and the top 10 most popular languages on Steam. Establishing yourself as a leader within your niche can be relatively easy due to a shortage of quality games in the Polish language.

While game localization might seem like a pipe dream due to budget constraints,
it’s actually much more affordable than you might think!

Localization costs only make up a small fraction of your total development budget and provide massive revenue growth potential.
Treat localization as an investment rather than a cost and you will see unparalleled returns.

Game Platforms

Whether online, mobile, PC, or console, my experiencewill help create a polished end result.

PC Games

Mobile Games

(Android, iPad, and iPhone)

Online Games

Console Games

Game Genres

Whatever your genre, I’m game if you are!

Puzzle Games

Hidden Object



Brain Teasers



Interactive Novels

Casual Games

Board Games



Match-3 Games





“Ewelina is one of our best vendors.”

Not only she provides high quality translations, but they are also fun to read and creative! Plus, she is very responsive and she has never failed us once in 8 years!She has always delivered on time and is very cooperative when working with other teammates.”

Enrique García Treviño
Program Manager | Keywords Studios

Software Localization

Help users increase productivity with expertly crafted software.

In a world driven by technology, businesses are always looking for ways to streamline processes and get more done. Whether you’ve designed a mobile app, website, e-learning, or e-commerce software, LocWizards is ready to work with you! From translations to localization testing, I’ll ensure your software is ready for the market.

Game Platforms

Mobile Apps



E-Learning Platforms

“Ewelina is a very resourceful,
proactive and responsible translator.”

“We work with her on a daily basis and she is always willing to help and consistently delivers good quality.
I totally recommend working with her!”

Vanessa Martagón García
Localisation Project Manager | Glovo

Online Casino Localization

Boost profits by translating your casino games into Polish!

With high demand for online gambling, it is important that your product’s user experience is seamless. Creating clear instructions and localization testing is our specialty! I’ll ensure every detail is tailored for your target market to create a pleasurable and profitable gaming experience!


LocWizards values results and promises to go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.
Begin the process of bringing your product to the Polish market today!